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Seamless Recording Made Easy

Fully Equipped Studios

  • Step into our professional studios, where every session is supported by an experienced audio and video engineer. Forget the hassle of handling technical equipment—we’ve got you covered.

Comprehensive Editing Services

  • Subscribe to our services and enjoy fully edited podcast episodes, enhanced with branded elements that reflect your unique style.

Tailored Social Media Clips

  • At Factory Recording Studio, we turn your recordings into engaging clips for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Elevate your brand and connect with audiences effectively.


  • At Factory Recording Studio, we provide high-quality recording services at affordable prices. Our flexible pricing suits both new and experienced podcasters and musicians, letting you grow without big upfront costs.



At Factory Recording Studio, we equip local businesses to take full advantage of video podcasting and short-form video content. Video content not only broadens your reach but enhances viewer engagement through visual, audio, and textual elements, improving your SEO and discoverability. It's perfect for generating micro-content and offers numerous ways to engage, share, and monetize.

For entrepreneurs and businesses, video personalizes your message, helping build trust and loyalty with your target audience. Start crafting compelling, shareable videos with us that forge strong connections with your viewers.

Step into the future of podcasting with video at Factory Recording Studio today.

Elevate Your Music

At Factory Recording Studio, we empower local businesses and upcoming musicians to fully leverage the potential of video podcasting and short-form video content. Video enriches your presentation with visual, audio, and text elements, extending your reach and enhancing discoverability. It's an invaluable tool for both SEO and audience engagement, ideal for creating micro-content that captures attention and facilitates diverse monetization strategies.

For budding musicians and entrepreneurs, video adds a personal touch to your content, building brand loyalty and trust with your target audience. Whether you're launching your first album or seeking new ways to connect with fans, start creating compelling, shareable video content with us that strengthens relationships with your listeners.

Dive into the future of digital engagement through video at Factory Recording Studio today.

Factory Recording Studio Commercial Campaign

This ongoing commercial campaign produces smart branded shorts promoting the luxury Factory Recording Studio community. Mixing stunning aerial shots with family lifestyle segments, we created an extended narrative across a series of 1-2 minute spots aired on local cable and the brand's social channels. Smart SEO and social promotion of the videos drove strong interest in Highland Creek from prospective new residents. Our work showcases adept brand messaging through creative, continuity-driven short form video ads.

6 Benefits of Video Podcasting at Factory Recording Studio

Unlock the Power of Visual Storytelling to Transform Your Reach and Influence

Builds Trust

Create a deeper connection with your audience through engaging video conversations.

Improves Visibility

Enhance your online visibility with SEO-friendly video content.

Grows Your Network

Collaborate with industry influencers and expand your professional network.

Expands Your Reach

Reach new audiences and potential clients with broader content distribution.

Elevates Your Brand

Boost your brand’s profile and credibility in the market.

Establishes Authority

Position yourself as a leading expert in your industry with authoritative content.

Interested in a Tour of Our Podcast & Music Studio?

Curious about our top-notch podcast and music recording studio? Whether you're a seasoned podcaster, an aspiring musician, or just starting out, we're eager to guide you through our facilities and help you discover the ideal space for your project.

Complete the form to arrange a personalized tour of Factory Recording Studio in Midland, TX. Come and see where all the magic is made!


Is the studio just for podcasting?

Not at all! In addition to podcasts, you can record your music tracks, entire albums or talking-head style videos for social media. We can tailor the setup to meet your specific needs.

How soon will I get my recordings?

You'll receive your basic video and audio recordings within one business day. If you need additional edits or social media clips, we typically deliver those within three business days.

Will I get separate video and audio files?

We generally provide a combined video and audio track. However, if you need them separately, we can do so for an additional fee.

Is it possible to livestream from the studio?

Absolutely, you can livestream provided you bring the necessary API key.

Can you assist with podcast or music publishing and promotion?

Absolutely! Contact us for a consultation, and we’ll help get your podcast out there and noticed.

Obtain an initial cost estimate

for your upcoming project.

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Address: 4403 N CO RD 1140, Midland TX 79705


Hours of Operation:

Podcasts: Mon - Fri 11am to 3pm

Music: Mon - Fri 5pm to Midnight

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

4403 N County Rd 1140, Midland, TX 79705, USA

Factory Recording Studio stands out in creating engaging video podcasts and talking-head style videos, complemented by our expertise in orchestrating impactful social media campaigns for local entrepreneurs, businesses, and musicians in West Texas. We also offer specialized music recording services, helping artists produce high-quality tracks tailored to their unique sound.

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